Toe Kick Saw | Features And Uses

A toe kick saw is mainly used for the purpose of cutting all the way through flooring beneath a cabinet that hang over near the floor. This flooring is called a toe-kick. The toe kicks saws comprise of a small blade that projects out sideways from the unit. This design of a toe kick saw make it compact so that it can go beyond the area where a usual saw cannot. There are many advantages of this kind of saw. This kind of a saw is needed to get rid of flooring below toe-kicks and because of its capability of cutting harder things as compared to a tile or wood, a majority of contractors now utilize toe kick saws for removal of all kind of floorings.

A toe kick saw is very well known for its sturdy kickback while cutting through the nails or flooring. When this kind of a saw functions a blade stalls. Moreover, the motor response makes the toe kick saw rise up and out in the direction of the operator. This is called a kickback. If you do not follow proper safety measures then you can end up injuring yourself while operating a toe kick saw. You should put on safety glasses that will protect your eyes from the debris and dust. Ear protection is also necessary because of the loud noise of the tool. This will guard your hearing from kind of harm.

It is also suggested to wear gloves while operating this kind of a tool. This will provide you an improved grip onto a toe kick saw. With the gloves on this kind of saw will also not slip away from your hand, injuring them. Before use you should always check all the aspects of the saw. The saw should consist of an undamaged and sharp blade that is carbide-tipped. These provide you easy cutting as well as less kickback. Make sure that all the bolts, screws and nuts are tight.

Holding a toe kick saw in the right manner is also important. Hold it with both of your hands to get a firm and strong grip. For a good grip place your left hand on top of the frontward handle and the right one onto the back handle. The posture of your body should be such that kickbacks can be better resisted. Keep a toe kick saw away from your body while using it. When the blade is in motion, you should not pull a toe kick saw backwards. Wait for the blade to stop spinning and then move to the next cut. In this way, you can be safe from any kind of danger.

It is not always necessary to buy new toe kick saws as this can be very expensive. If you want this kind of saw for a low price, then you can opt for a saw rental. You can get a number of models comprising of all the important features with a toe kick saw rental. There are many brands that manufacture this type of saws, however If you are in search of a more powerful saw then you should go for crain toe kick saw. A crain saw features a powerful motor along with a carrying case. The motor also consists of helical gears that provide better durability.

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